Best Android Launchers App to Customize your Phone in 2022

Best Android Launchers App to Customize your Phone in 2022

Best Android Launchers App to Customize your Phone in 2022

Best Android Launchers App to Customize your Phone in 2022
Best Android Launchers App to Customize your Phone in 2022

Best Android Launchers App to Customize your Phone in 2022. The launcher is a way we organize, manage and arrange our applications on an android system. We can totally change the look of our Android device and it totally depends upon our choice. A launcher includes a series of different home screens, app shortcuts, and different widgets or an application drawer. Every android device has some launchers but some of them are very tricky and complicated. If you haven’t found the best one, then here are some Best Android Launchers, we think will satisfy you.

This article includes the fastest android launchers plus lightweight launchersrules all other android launchers. There truly is not a single best launcher available, all have some pros and cons. Everyone uses Android smartphones on his/her own terms and everyone has some perfect android launcher according to their requirements.

16 Best Android Launchers to Customize your Phone in 2021

1. Nova Launcher: Best Stock Android Launcher

Although Nova Launcher is now more than a six-year-old, it is playing a very important role in the android launchers market. The biggest reason for its success is its simplicity because it has a very simple and easy layout with a mix of customization and convenience. It makes your android device looks like a Google pixel phone or similar to Samsung Galaxy S9. All the things work with ease and grace in Nova Launcher and it is considered as the most smooth launcher among all other Android launchers. It is the best android launcher and totally goes with your choice, either you want to make a complex theme or just a simple layout.

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2. Action Launcher:

Action Launcher is another popular one among the Best Android Launchers on the market. The reason for its success is Quick and simple, it has Quicktheme, Quickdrawer, Quickpage, Quickbar. Everything is very quick in action launcher furthermore its one of the fastest android launchers. Action Launcher is considered as a fast android launcher that gets what you should be done rapidly with the goal that you can return to doing whatever you really need to complete. It is one of the most customizable Android launchers with a quick and fast speed.

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The Action launcher also gives us some other options such as hide folders, robust gesture controls, and widgets under the app shortcuts. No matter what you want to do with your android phone, the action launcher makes it simple and easier. One thing more good about the action launcher is the developer of this android launcher keeps it updated, it supports nougat, oreo even future Phil versions. Action launcher falls in one of the top categories of Best Android Launchers.

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3. Smart Launcher 5:

The smart launcher is working for several years but they picked up a hype after launching smart launcher 5. The main reason for its becoming famous among Best Android Launchers is its new home screen feature that features a new gridless widget-placement system. They have also changed the look of a smart launch which looks very easy with it. It automatically divides your applications into several categories.

If you use smart launcher Pro then you can make categories according to your own choice. We can even add or subtract drawers or we can customize it in all possible ways even you can change the icon of the application with smart launcher 5. A few years back, the smart launcher was not considered a good Android launcher but within a small passage of time, it has achieved a tittle lightweight launcher and fast android launcher. The gestures of the smart launcher 5 are extraordinary, mainly the double-tap shortcuts that increase the functionality of every app on your home screen.

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4. Blackberry Launcher:

Pixel launcher is one of the best android launchers for those who want the blackberry experience on their android phones. From its name, it looks like it is a blackberry launcher but after the migration of BBX to android. They have introduced a blackberry launcher that is available on the Google Play store around the globe. It is a stable android launcher that is mostly useful for new blackberry android devices. The main reason for its success is government and enterprise users, as they are addicted to blackberry for ages. If you use a blackberry launcher, you will feel like using a pure blackberry DOD-certified phone. BlackBerry Launcher gives you the access to set the thing the way you want to and enjoy the launcher efficiency at its best. Keyboard shortcuts on BlackBerry Launcher are exclusive to BlackBerry’s physical keyboard phones.

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5. Microsoft Launcher:

If you think that Microsoft Launcher is similar to windows phone launcher then you are totally wrong. It doesn’t look alike the windows phone launcher, it has a completely different android native experience. The Microsoft launcher is one of the Best Android Launchers among all other Android launchers. In some cases, it beats Nova launcher because it offers edge-edge widget replacement.

It is mostly like a browser that cleans the home screen and feeds your phone with Microsoft account. After filling it, it tells your daily mobile usage and it also has a speedy app where you can find your all applications. Although it is not considered a fast android launcher because it takes time in every customization. If you want it as a lightweight launcher then you just need to set it to its default theme plus if you use an outlook account in your android phone, it helps a lot in that.

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6. Zen UI:

Zen UI is a perfect android launcher for those particular users who want to play with different themes and colors. It gives you a bundle of options in the theme category and app drawers also. It is for those users who like neat and tidy interfaces. It also manages the application customization with a very easy approach and also gives us access to the search bar, most used apps, and contacts by a just quick swipe down. Zen UI is one of the most smooth android launchers.

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7. Pixel Launcher:

Pixel launcher is one of the best android launchers for those who want an iOS experience. Do you want your Android phone to look like iPhone? Here is your choice because the pixel launcher is the same as IOS. It usually comes default with google pixel smartphone or you can download it also from the Play store. It has a translucent menu bar at the bottom side with some prominent features like long-press shortcut support, favorite bars, google search access. Google has made it it’s default launcher because it is the fast Android launcher.

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8. AIO Launcher:

Where all other launchers offer you visual customization of your android phone and home-screen. AIO launcher works slightly differently than others because it focuses more on what you did rather than what you want to do. It always keeps you alarmed about your notifications, your most used applications, recently received calls, messages, and email, as well as upcoming calendar events and more. It has a paid version also that includes some other great features like changing app icons, notification bar customization. AIO launcher falls in the category of the Best Android Launchers although its interface is not as simple as others are.

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9. Evie Launcher: Minimal Android Launcher

Evie launcher is one of the lightweight launchers among other Android launchers as it is very similar to android stock. It gives you a totally neat and clean look without any difficulty. Evie launcher provides a slide-out bar via which you can find your applications with the help of alphabets. It also lets you tweak the home screen plus you can customize the app drawer. Some of its other great features are live wallpaper, a custom app dock, more language support, and folder customization. Evie launcher is also a reasonable choice among other Best Android Launchers.

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10: Apex Launcher:

Apex launcher is similar to other android launchers but its reason for selecting it among the best android launchers is the extremely good performance of features. Its main prominent features are customizable home screens in grid size, with up to nine screens. It is a little different from other Best Android Launchers because it allows transition animations, multiple app drawers, and additional gesture support such as theme varieties and icon change options. It is also considered as the smooth launcher in the android launchers category.

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11. Launcher 10: Window Phone Android Launcher

Launcher 10 is one of the best Android Launchers for those groups of users who love the Windows phone interface. For these users, Windows Phone never died. Despite its critics, the Windows Phone OS always had a strong fanbase. So this android launcher is specifically designed for them. Or I would say it is one of the third-party launchers for Windows phones.

Launcher 10 is probably the best android launcher to offer a unique ‘Metro’ user interface provided by Windows Phone. It encompasses a collection of tiles that can be customized according to one’s own preference. However, Launcher 10 doesn’t render any of the ‘active’ functionality of the earlier Windows Phone design; it is still one of those android launcher apps that can spur nostalgia in our minds. Well, Launcher 10 is best suited for Lumia lovers, but it is also an exciting option for those who are searching for something unique rather than the typical Android interface.

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12. ADW launcher 2:

ADW launcher 2 is one of the best Android launchers present on this list. This android launcher app is well-built, stable, quick, and easy to use. The Android launcher offers a wide range of customizable options. The User Interface practically feels similar to a stock Android. It is one of the great apps to customize the android experience. As the ADW launcher 2 carries a distinctive feature to change the interface color in accordance with your wallpaper dynamically. In addition to that, there are icon badges, app indexing on application drawers, launcher shortcuts, transition animations, and an array of some other great features.

The developers of ADW launcher 2 claims that the probability that you will configure the android launcher to your likeness is about 3720 to 1. The users can also create and change their widgets with their own choice of colors. Therefore, If you are contemplating replacing the default Android launcher, this should be one of the top priorities for you.

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13. APUS Launcher: Best Customization Android Launcher

APUS Launcher is one of the best android launchers present on the Play Store. You will really enjoy this app if you like a lot of customization. It possesses a collection of more than 50,000 wallpapers in addition to hundreds of themes. It is the best android launcher for those who are fond of customization. Few other features of the APUS launcher encompass a news feed, the capability to hide applications from the app drawer which can prove handy at times, a built-in app locker, and more. Though, It’s not comparatively light or efficient as Pixel Launcher style launchers such as Nova Launcher, Hyperion, Lawnchair, etc. it’s much more colorful and flashy. Some users like it that way. The launcher is completely free but with ad content on it. The main loophole is that there is no premium version (with no ads) of the app.

APUS Launcher renders an all-in-one solution for all your interests. Due to this, this Launcher has remained a preference for a large number of users around the globe.

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14. Poco Launcher 2.0: Light Launcher for Android

Poco launcher is one of the best Android Launchers for those who love Xiaomi’s handset interface. A couple of years, Chinese company Xiaomi created ripples in the global smartphone market with the launch of the Pocophone F1, a budget smartphone with flagship specs. To improve the efficiency of the device, it designed a separate launcher with a focus on simplicity. I would say, it has the best UI for android. The launcher has since been rolled out as a separate app on the Play Store which can be downloaded by any android user.

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Poco Launcher functions with a Pixel-like feel which implies that it is very fluid and active. Moving around the interface takes literally a micro of a second and a RAM cleaning tool is designed on the main home screen to stop hungry background applications. It is the best launcher app for those who are looking for a comparatively ‘pure’ Android experience that still has a little personality of its own. In addition to that, it has a small download size which implies that this is the best-suited android launcher app for older and budget devices.

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15. Niagra Launcher: Fastest Android Launcher

Niagara launcher is one of the best android launchers for those who love the lightning-quick Android experience. It is comparatively a new launcher that’s in the Early Access stage. However, it already made a great fanbase for being a super quick launcher and is best suited for low-end smartphones. In addition to that, It’s extremely simple if you want to build themes around as this launcher only has one layout. It provides you with the option to stick one or more widgets at the top along with a quick list of your most favorite apps. For the rest of the apps, you can access them from the A-Z alphabet list located on the right side of the screen.

The feature set here is still pretty small and we hope that a double-tap feature to turn off the screen will be coming soon on this app. But if you just want to find apps in a quick manner and get on with your day, then this is the best android launcher for you. It also reminds us of a bit of the old Z Launcher which was present a few years ago and also Nokia’s experimental launcher. However, this one is probably the fastest among all.

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16. Lightning Launcher:

The lightning launcher is one of the best android launchers for old or low-end devices. Lightning Launcher is a fairly decent and minimal Android launcher. It was launched a long time ago and now it has evolved into one of the most customizable Android launchers ever to exist. The most captivating feature of this android launcher is its super lightweight. It renders the ability for users to modify virtually anything possible on the home screen. You can even have various sets of home screens for multiple events.

However, the most exciting of the lightning launcher is its scripting support. You can utilize JavaScript to make Lightning do all sorts of stuff.  Along with that, there are additional plugins, language options, and more available for download. The feature list isn’t all that long relatively, but it appears to tick all the right boxes. The app also possesses a learning curve, but it’s worth learning. It has also had an option of pinned items which allows users to prevent any item from moving while scrolling your pages. This is very helpful to create shortened elements anywhere on the interface, and you can do much more with it.

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Our Conclusion:

All the launchers work perfectly on their own terms but if you ask our favorite pick among all other Best Android Launchers, our most favorite one is Nova launcher and Action Launcher. I have found Nova launcher is the simplest one because it gives access to all features at one click. Action Launcher is very fast and quick and it gives a very huge variety of themes. Other Android launchers are also very good options but these two work a little extraordinary among all other best android launchers.

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