Windows 11 Will be Adding Watermark

Windows 11 Will be Adding Watermark

Windows 11 Will be Adding Watermark

When the new versions of operating systems come, you discard or replace the older ones. Windows has 11 versions so far. The latest one is Windows 11. It is important to use up-to-date hardware as well. So that the operating system will support it. If you don’t have such hardware, the operating system will put a watermark on it. Yes! Now it will happen. Read the details below.

Attention: Watermark is Added

Watermarks aren’t solely reserved for inactivated or pirated Windows copies at Microsoft. The Verge has uncovered that if you utilize a solution to run Windows 11 on incompatible hardware, the latest Release Preview build (22000.588) adds a mark to the screen. If you try it, you’ll get a message that says “system requirements not satisfied”. And directs you to set up to learn more. Nevertheless, there don’t appear to be any functionality limitations.

The watermark was first tested in early Windows 11 releases published in February. Its appearance in the Release Preview suggests that Microsoft is close to releasing the warning as a fully functional software upgrade.


Windows 11 needs an 8th-generation Intel Core processor or an AMD Zen+ or Zen 2 architectural processor. Many people believe the cutoff is random. Therefore, they are utilizing a Microsoft-approved registry hack to get around the CPU checks. And also, install the OS without receiving a rejection letter. Microsoft has stated that it may not give updates to these computers, although the program should continue to function.

Upgrade to Compatible Hardware

A purely decorative label like this serves as a disclaimer rather than a deterrent. It is reminding you that if the program malfunctions on an incompatible machine, Microsoft will not assist you. You can probably delete the watermark too if you’re okay evading the CPU verification in the first place. Even yet, if you’ve been operating Windows 11 on an unsupported PC without issues, this could be a pain.

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